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Untying the Karmic Knot Author - Diane Morrin

Untying the Karmic Knot Author - Diane Morrin

Untying The Karmic Knot brings together past-life regression and life-between-lives regression uniting them as one amazingly powerful and effective process that brings healing to current life problems such as difficult relationship, depression, anger, addiction, phobias, abandonment issues, unexplained body pains, and more.  These problems have not originated in this life, but have been brought forward from a past life.  This regression process first takes us to the past-life origin of the problem. There we re-experience its origin which releases the negative karmic energy. This untying of the original karma releases those bound in that ongoing struggle. When that past life ends our spirit is catapulted into the afterlife; a realm of unconditional love where we are met by our spirit guide who gives us knowledge about our current life: the lessons we are working on, our soul’s purpose on earth, and where we can find meaning in our current life.

Untying The Karmic Knot demonstrates, through examples of personal regressions, how a wide range of issue can be healed by returning to the past life where they began.  Examples of difficult relationship with parents, spouses, employers, children, and more clearly show that returning to the past life origin of the difficult karma between two souls transforms their current life relationship.  Remarkable changes in addiction patterns are also created through re-experiencing past life challenges as well.  The author illustrates how both depression and anger have origins in past lives.  When we return to those origins we see how these emotions began, the negative karmic energy is released, and we are freed of these afflictions in our current life.

This remarkably healing process moves us from releasing the negative karmic energy in a past life into the afterlife where we experience unconditional love.  We meet our spirit guide who is always here with us on earth, even though we are unaware of their presence.  In the spirit world we meet our soul group; those spirits with whom we incarnate life after life throughout eternity.  We are taken to our Council Of Elders who guide us in creating a more meaningful current life. As we move through the afterlife we gather information that enables us to return to this life with greater awareness. We are empowered by this information to create changes that will bring a higher level of joy and happiness not only to us but to those near and dear.

In the final chapters the reader is shown previews of the enlightened times to come through progressions experienced by some who have undergone this regression process. Apparently, the creator wants us to know that the current difficult times are leading humankind into an unprecedented period of joyful community.