Client Comments


Past-life and life-between-lives regression puts spiritual growth on the fast track. It answers questions that years of traditional therapy may never ask. Knowing what happened to me in past lives has helped me understand who I am in this life. Life-between-lives showed me my current life plan, gave meaning to my life, and energy to move forward with purpose.


Regression therapy breaks down the figurative prison we make for ourselves caused by our beliefs and opinions that trap and bind us in this life. We are able to learn the truth about ourselves and the universe. This truth set me free by giving me a window into the larger picture of my existence; both my former lives and the spirit world where I received guidance from my spirit guide.


Regression therapy confirmed my belief in a creator. I experienced unconditional love in the spirit world and am no longer afraid of dying. Dying is simply transitioning to that wonderful place where all of my loved ones reside continually. Knowing I am here to learn and to teach others has given meaning and purpose to my life.


Regression therapy turned my life into a wild ride with Alice down the proverbial Rabbit Hole. My life was shoved into perspective. The knowledge I received both from my past lives and the spirit world left me breathless. The shift in my life has been profound. My awareness continues to move forward at the speed of light.


Deep depression had swallowed my life. Regression therapy took it away and gave my life back, filled with healing, understanding, knowledge and energy so that I could move forward with purpose and meaning. I no longer was the victim.


I had been a multiple addicts for many years. Regression therapy showed me that this was the third life I had been working on addiction. Enough!! I became clean and sober immediately. I got my life back and my loved ones are grateful.


“I have been working with Diane for the past 1 1/2 years. In this time we have covered my personal story and have explored some alternative spiritual paths. I have discovered inner peace from meditation; and have recently started some Past-Life Regression. Diane’s expertise in tying it all together has been a major asset in my emotional growth and personal journey. Diane’s approach to therapy comes from a caring, nurturing, compassionate, and non-judgmental way. I view Diane as a therapist, teacher, and friend.


“I have been in therapy for 1/2 of my life. I have seen 15+ therapists and was still searching for one that would help me understand myself. Five years ago I started seeing Diane Morrin. After the first two sessions she introduced me to the Enneagram. After I figured out my Enneatype things started to make sense.

I have learned to meditate and that has helped me learn to love my time without having to have noise or people around me constantly. Just recently Diane has begun to do Past-Life and Between-Life Regression with me. That is when I understood the unexplainable things that I never have been able to understand. Regression Therapy has been life changing. I am now able to understand the reasons I am ‘me’ and why my life is the way it is.”


“I have been involved in therapy with Diane on and off for approximately 6 years. It began with traditional psychotherapy. This was very helpful and, I felt, successful in helping me to resolve the deadly web of familial and self abuse in which I was entangled.

During this process, I became familiar with the Enneagram and explored my personality type. I realized my core issue is fear. My conditioning as a child made my fear worse. This led to further introspection and the practice of meditation, which for some reason, came very naturally to me. It was through meditation that I became aware of certain experiences which I could not explain.

In February 2007 I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I decided that while meditation was a most pleasurable and enlightening experience, I wanted to explore and understand more deeply my core issue of fear which had so controlled my life.

At this time I also found I was afraid of death. We decided to try Past-Life Regression. Diane skillfully combined this with Life-Between-Lives Regression. It was through this process that I finally understood so much of my present life.

Regression therapy allowed me to conquer, or at least be more aware of and in control of, my fear. I have discovered my spirit guide and a deep spirituality for which I had been searching. I realized spirit had always been there though not in the traditional path I had been programmed to accept as a child.

Through past life exploration my fears became transparent to me. I discovered the many past lives of my spiritual history which had led me to my present life. The insight I experienced and the peace of analyzing my experiences continues to give me respect for myself and for my accomplishments.

I also have a deep understanding and forgiveness for myself and others whom I have felt were part of negative and painful experiences in this life and past ones as well. I learned that the lesson I chose to work on in this life was to release fear. I feel that I have successfully learned this lesson. I am no longer afraid to die.

It has been very comforting to know and experience first hand where I am going next – when this life comes to a close. I only wish I would have been able to do this sooner, however, the light is not ours to determine or control, only to seek.”